BizSpark Meetup in Tampa Tonight

If you’re in the Tampa area, you’ll want to check out tonight’s meetup at the Microsoft office. Jennifer Cook is going to talk about negotiating from a disadvantaged position. (Something I think we all feel like we’re doing a lot of.) Hope you can make it. (Link below.)

Strategies for Negotiating When You Feel You Have Less Bargaining Power

Presented to BizSpark Tampa Bay By Jennifer L. Cook, Esq.
Law Offices of Jennifer L. Cook, Esq.

It’s inevitable: there will be a time when you need to negotiate with someone when you feel you have less bargaining power than they do. You can dread it, give up before you start, and painfully concede important points to you throughout the negotiation. Or, you can go into that negotiation armed with strategies that most people don’t know and which will result in your getting your desired outcome. Discover a new way to negotiate, enjoy the process, and come out a winner!

Also wanted to Add that there are a number of BizSpark Meetups happening in the Eastern US now. Do a search at and see if there’s one near you.