Follow Ignition Showcase on your Windows Phone

Ignition Showcase is a site focused on building and enhancing the vibrant ecosystem of Independent Software Vendors and start-ups on the Microsoft platform. The goal of Ignition Showcase is to bring together the right people and experiences from across Microsoft to provide ISVs with the resources they need to create new opportunities on our emerging technologies. Through briefings, readiness programs, social networking, blogs, and other events, we hope to empower partners to succeed on the Microsoft platform. Stay tuned to our blog for info on resources and activities!

The Ignition Showcase Windows Phone 7 app makes use of y our phone’s:

  • data connection
  • media library
  • web browser
  • owner identity
  • phone identity



It allows you to follow all topics on Ignition Showcase or to focus on specific technology topic areas such as Windows Azure, Windows Phone, SQL Server, etc..

Get it here.