Microsoft Survey on Cloud Computing Released

Microsoft has just released a study of how 2,000 IT Decision makers are adopting and using Cloud Computing. If you are a software company that is interested in the market for your products and services and the impact of the cloud you need to read this study.

Microsoft interviewed more than 2,000 IT decision-makers in 10 U.S. cities. The survey indicates that cloud computing is helping to create new businesses and jobs in each city.

The study identifies the top cities across 10 markets including: New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Chicago Dallas, San Francisco, and Detroit.  It ranks them in terms of cloud-friendliness of enterprises and small businesses in those markets.

Some highlights from the study:

  • Businesses of any size are highly reliant on partners to bring cloud into their organizations.
  • Among enterprise-sized companies Boston ranks as the top cloud-friendly city while Washington DC ranks first among small-to-midsize companies.
  • 54% of the national respondents say that they are hiring as a result of cloud services.
  • Small-to-medium businesses have not fully embraced the cloud – yet.

See here for more details and how to get the study.

Bill Zack