Windows Azure and SQL Azure Use Cases

Those of you who know me know that I am very interested in helping you take advantage of applications and design patterns that fit the cloud (See this blog post.)

Buck Woody has recently published an on-going series of Windows Azure and SQL Azure Use Cases that you may find helpful.

Here are some of the posts:

Elastic Scale - Bursting workloads up and down in use patterns

Agility - The ability to quickly develop and deploy an application

New Development- Code option for new applications

Web-Centric Applications - Applications that are developed for a web paradigm

Hybrid Applications and Data - Applications and data that need to be both on-premise and in a distributed environment

High-Performance Computing - Apllications that require multiple processing nodes, such as scientific, research or financial data (also known as Technical Computing )

Infrastructure Limits - Inability or unwillingness to add more physical computers to the environment

Fast Acquisitions - The ability to quickly migrate a newly acquired business to the current computing environment

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