Windows Phone 7 Apps with AppMakr and Free Marketplace Registration

Starting today, you can build a Windows Phone 7 app quickly and easily using AppMakr. Check out the details below, along with information about getting Free Marketplace Registration for a limited time.

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Imagine developing an app in less than 30 minutes, with no coding required and no cost to you!

Creating a Windows Phone App has never been easier! Microsoft is excited to announce our partnership with AppMakr. We give you the tools and resources and you give your customers a great Windows Phone 7 App.

Why Windows Phone 7 and AppMakr?

  • No Coding Required
  • No Cost to You
  • Build Apps on Windows Phone 7 in under 30 minutes
  • Customizable
  • Create Apps using RSS Feed based platforms
  • Thousands of brands large and small have created apps using AppMakr
    • PBS
    • Accenture
    • Harvard Business Review
    • US Congress
    • PGA Tour
    • …and many more



To get started, visit the AppMakr site here.

Microsoft Limited Offer

Free Marketplace Registration

It’s now easier than ever to earn money by integrating ads into Windows Phone 7 Apps. For a limited time, Microsoft is offering free Marketplace registration ($99 Value) to developers who install the Ad Control SDK into their Windows Phone 7 Apps through AppMakr. Take advantage of this special incentive today by .