Windows Phone 7 PDC Sessions


The release of Windows Phone 7 is upon us and the excitement is growing.   If you have not had a chance to explore the platform you are in luck.   There are several Windows Phone 7 sessions on the agenda at PDC10.    All session will be streamed live and available on-demand this year. 

Microsoft PDC 2010 - Live from the Microsoft Campus

Streamed Sessions

Things I Wish I Knew Three Months Ago about Building Windows Phone 7 Applications
Optimizing Performance for Silverlight Windows Phone 7 Applications
Things You Need to Know Before Building XNA Games for Windows Phone 7
Real-World Analysis and Optimization of XNA Framework Games on Windows Phone 7
3-Screen Coding: Sharing Code between Windows Phone, Silverlight, and .NET
Building Windows Phone 7 applications with the Windows Azure Platform


On Demand Sessions

The Rich Mobile Web – Today and Tomorrow
Making Money with the Windows Phone Marketplace


See the Windows Phone Developer Blog for more details on each of these sessions.