Windows Phone Developer Tools Update Released

An updated version of the Windows Phone Developer Tools has just been released.  This update includes updated reference assemblies, a new version of the Windows Phone OS image, and some minor bug fixes.  This update also provides updated Silverlight controls that enable copy and paste functionality.  The copy and past functionality is limited to TextBox Controls and controls derived from TextBox.  Copy and past will be supported in the upcoming Windows Phone 7 OS update.

Most existing applications will be able to leverage this copy and paste capability automatically without recompiling and republishing in to Marketplace.  However, there are situations where you may need to recompile and republish your application.  If your applications leverages the Panorama or Pivot control, and you have a TextBox within one of those controls, it is recommended to simply recompile and resubmit your application to App Hub.  Without it, a user with an updated Windows Phone device will have difficulty copying text in a TextBox in one of those controls.  The pane the control is showing will occasionally change focus to the one beside it, which can make it difficult on the user.

So go ahead and download the updated Windows Phone Developer Tools and start using it.  If you develop or recompile an app with these updated tools, the app will work with existing devices before the upcoming OS update.  So there is not reason to wait … update your tools!