TechED North America - DBI Track - the audience has spoken



As Track Program Manager for the Database and Business Intelligence Track at TechED North America,
I wanted to express my sincere THANK YOU to all attendees, speakers, staffers, and everyone involved in the logistics of TechED North America.

We had a very strong attendance at each of the sessions which is truly appreciated.!

Now what are the sessions you should definetely have a look at online, if you were not attending, or you simply want to get access to session recordings or presentations.

While all sessions are recorded and can be review at:, below is the preference list for the DBI track , based on audience feedback and session highscores.

If you are traveling to TechED Europe, you can most likely attend some of these sessions in person.


Database Track - Top 10 session list:

Code Title Link
DBI404 Deep Dive into XQuery and XML in Microsoft SQL Server: Common Problems and Best Practice Solutions

DBI328 Building the Fastest SQL Servers

DBI406 Back to Indexes: The Original Culprit

DBI409 SQL Server Columnstore Performance Tuning

DBI410 SQL Power Tools: Enhance Your Effectiveness with Extended Events

DBI333 Migrating SQL Server Database Applications to the Windows Azure Virtual Machine

DBI411 Integrating SQL Server Filetables, Property Search, and FTS/Semantic Search

DBI408 Tips & Tricks for Microsoft SQL Azure Federations: How to Build Cross-Federation Queries and Other Tips

DBI310 Enterprise Information Management (EIM): Bringing Together SSIS, DQS, and MDS

DBI321 Building BI Solutions with Microsoft SQL Server PDW AU3


Business Intelligence Track - Top 10 session list:  

Code Title Link
DBI304 Configuring Kerberos for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 BI in 7 Steps (SQL Server 2012)

DBI413 Many-to-Many Relationships in BISM Tabular

DBI319 BISM: Multidimensional vs. Tabular

DBI305 Developing and Managing a BI Semantic Model in Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services

DBI414 Optimizing Your BI Semantic Model for Performance and Scale

DBI320 Delivering KPIs with Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services

DBI323 Enriching Your BI Semantic Tabular Models with DAX

DBI303 Building the Perfect BI Semantic Tabular Models for Power View

DBI332 Running Reporting Services in SharePoint Integrated Mode: How and Why

DBI301 Building Self-Service BI Applications Using PowerPivot