I.M. Testy is moving!

I started this blog about 3 1/2 years ago to share some ideas, observations, and lessons I’ve learned during my software testing career at Microsoft. I have also learned a lot about blogging, and also about communicating more effectively.

It is great that MSDN has this blog site as a resource for Microsoft employees, but, I have decided to consolidate my blog onto my personal Testing Mentor website.

I migrated all my past posts and all comments (except pingbacks) to my new blog, and so the I.M. Testy blog will continue on. (Sorry, but you’ll have to update your RSS feed.)

I have been teaching software testing practices, complex problems solving approaches, and test design principles for almost 10 years at Microsoft. I get to work with some really great testers in our company who are working on some really hard problems. The test automation program I developed for the University of Washington for testing practitioners in the local area to improve their technical skills is going gangbusters. And my research into random test data generation using parameterized equivalent partitions and genetic algorithms is starting to blossom in new directions.

All this means that each day illuminates a new idea and a new learning that helps me grow, and I hope to continue to share  my perspectives on our profession with my readers on my new blog, and hope to hear from you on my new blog soon.