MVP Blog Posts - Consumer (16th - 22nd February 2014)

Reduce file size in PowerPoint presentations in few clicks

By Dr. Nitin Paranjape published on 02-16-2014

Presentations containing lot of photos or images tend to be very large in size. It makes them unmanageable….(more)


PowerPoint 2013 on Touch: Shape Floatie

By Geetesh Bajaj published on 02-17-2014

Whenever you tap on an object in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint versions of Office 2013 while using a touch device such as the Microsoft Surface….(more)


Quick and easy Gantt chart using Excel

By Purnachandra Duggirala published on 02-18-2014

Gantt charts are a very popular way to visually depict project plans. Today, let us learn how to use Excel to make quick & easy Project Plan….(more)


How To Fix Low Volume Sound when Playing Movies in Windows 8.1

By Soumitra Sengupta published on 02-18-2014

I have set my volume to maximum but when playing movies the sound is too low. I have tried different media players….(more)


Loop through all List-Boxes or Combo-boxes on userform

By Ashish Koul published on 02-22-2014

Macro to loop through all combo-boxes and list-boxes on user-form and set the row-source….(more)