MVP Blog Posts - Consumer (22nd December 2013 - 4th January 2014)

Productivity Tools for Windows Phone Developers

By Mayur Tendulkar published on 12-22-2013

I too, have my personal list of tools & NuGet packages which I use regularly while building Windows & Windows Phone apps and I wanted to share….(more)


Quick Parts in Word: Stop copy pasting from old files!

By Dr. Nitin Paranjape published on 12-23-2013

Often we need to open an existing document, copy some part of it and paste it into another new document. Why does….(more)


Lock, Manage, Edit Hosts File in Windows 8 | 7

By Anand Khanse published on 12-23-2013

Imagine clicking on and seeing a completely different web site load in your browser. Malware can redirect Web addresses on your computer….(more)


Convert Text to Outlines in PowerPoint 2013 with a Free Add-in

By Geetesh Bajaj published on 1-2-2014

There are many new features in PowerPoint 2013 but my favorite is the one that lets you convert your text to outlines – this may be an undocumented….(more)