Please join us for Community Day 2015


We all believe that community is for betterment of our society. Each one of us do contribute to the community some or the other way in a regular basis. But most of the time we tend to define it as per our comfort, which inhibits the broader impact of such contributions towards the societal good.

But on this 19th September, we request each one of you in the technical communities across India, to come forward and join hands for a social cause “DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP” as part of COMMUNITY DAY 2015 and make a difference.

What’s needed to contribute?

As part of “Digital Citizenship” framework, we urge you to identify and visit a schools which are economically challenged and have very little resources but still serving to the economically underprivileged. While you are there in the school, please interact with the students and guide them on importance of education, available learning resources, steps to excel in future and tips & tricks for brighter opportunities. Above all, motivate them towards Computer Learning to optimize their career and studies.


Even though this activity is just for few hours but we are really hoping that it will impart positive impact for the life time. Also, there are no direct or indirect corporate influence in this cause for any sort of marketing or promotions and that makes the Community Day more fruitful for the broader society.

Considering the huge gap within our society & education system and its implications to the future of these underprivileged kids which intern has long term impact in the society and country; we request you to extend your support for the Community Day 2015. Our determination is to reach to the maximum numbers of institutions across India, where we will be requiring more number of helping hands and influencers like you, who understand challenges in the society and willing to make a difference. We are seeking your help in any and every possible way for successful execution of this social cause.

How can you contribute?

If you would like to join us and many others at the Community Day 2015 and would want to support and drive country towards “Digital Citizenship”, please let us know by comments. We will reach out to you and help you processes.   

Looking forward for your active participation!!