Windows 10 MVP Tweetathon – India

Windows 10 has created enormous excitement across worldwide technical communities and taking personal computing to the next level. Celebrations in form of Fan Parties and Launch Events are happening around the world. There is so much buzz about features and experience of Windows 10 all through end users to the experts.

As part of all the celebration, MVP Community in India also decided to host their own online jamboree to showcase their passion for Windows 10 and hosted Windows 10 MVP Tweetathon.

All these began on 19th August 2015 at 4:00PM India time when 25 Indian MVPs from various Windows specializations including Experience, IT Pro and Development started sharing tips, tricks, feature insights, troubleshooting steps and many more on Twitter with hashtag #WindowsMVP and #Windows10.

The fun continued for 4 hours and witnessed over 230 tech tweets and more than 400 RT. Overall, tweetathon got above 841K Impressions and well received by 65K unique direct audience from various regions across the world.

For sure, Windows 10 has endless possibilities and there is lot, yet to be explored. This is just a beginning and this tweetathon showed a tremendous response. This was also a testimony of true power of Social Media. Truly an awesome experience for the MVP Community.