Changes in App-V 5.0, MDOP 2012 now available!

MDOP 2012 is now available with an upgrade on all the products present in the suite. The download for the product suite can be found here.

The most popular product in MDOP suite is App-V, and with MDOP 2012, App-V 5.0 is getting released. It has undergone a lot of advancements. Let’s try and list them down here:

App-V 4.6

App-V 5.0

Installation of Management Console is required

You can have web based management

It uses a dedicated drive letter (Q drive)

No Dedicated drive letter is required

4 GB limit on the package

There is no limit on the package size

Virtual Applications are isolated from local applications

Virtual Application Extension is available

App-V PowerShell provider needed to manage it from PowerShell console

PowerShell commandlets available for sequencing, client and management

Read Only Shared Cache supported in RDS and VDI environments

Shared Content Store updates with App-V/ Configuration Manager workflow

Share middleware with Dynamic Suite Composition

Share peer applications with Virtual Application Connection


Hope this information helps.