Publishing RemoteApps and Remote Session in Remote Desktop Services 2012



Publishing RemoteApps and Remote Session in Remote Desktop Services 2012


The newest member in the A-Team, Ahmed Moseb, along with Yash, helps us with a neat customization that can be done in Remote Desktop Services (RDS) in Windows Server 2012.


In Windows Server 2012, you can either publish the RemoteApps on the Remote Desktop Session Host server (RDSH) or you can publish the full blown desktop. Which means, when you publish an application in the RDSH server, the icon changes from what is shown in screenshot 1 to screenshot 2:


Screenshot 1: No RemoteApp published



Screenshot 2: RemoteApps published.


If you need to give the option of both the clients, then they need to perform the following steps for customizing it and publishing the Remote Desktop as well as RemoteApp icons:


1. Click on Publish RemoteApp programs under the Collection Name.


2. Select Remote Desktop Connection under the RemoteApp programs.


3. Publish the Remote desktop Connection application to the RDWeb.


4. The application is published to the RDweb.


5. Edit the Remote Desktop Connection Program properties.


6. Click on Parameters and select the Always use the following command-line parameters. Type the following in the text box: /v: <FQDN of the RDSH server> .


7. You will find the icon now on the RDWeb Page and you can connect to the Session Host server from the RDweb.






In this way, you give access to the full desktop with the Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) available, as well as the RemoteApps published on the same server.


Hope this helps. Happy Reading!


- A-Team!