Step by step Installation of Self Service Portal for Service Manager 2012


Mountaineer of the A-Team, Bhuwan, again takes the rope and explains us the step by step Installation of Self Service Portal for Service Manager 2012.


Self Service Portal Server installation is bit tricky and requires configuration of certificate and interchange the port numbers while portal installation. Setup by default provided 443 for WCS and 444 for SCSM SharePoint website, we have to interchange the port assignment.


1. Create and configure Server Authentication Certificate.

    You have to create a Server Authentication Certificate for Self Service Portal Server:

  • Go to CA and create a duplicate copy of Web Server Certificate Template and make sure in the properties you have selected “Private Key Export” and "Publish in AD" options and provide “Read and Enroll” permission to Authenticated Users.


  • Go to Certificate Template in CA and right click Certificate Templates and choose New - "Certificate Template to Issue" and select the Template that you have created earlier.


  • Now go the SCSM 2012 Self Service Portal server and open MMC and add Certificates snap in for local computer, then go to Personal and then right click- all task- Request for New certificate. Choose from AD Enrollment Policy and select the Template that you created earlier. When selecting the Certificate click below for "More Information" and provide Self Service Portal server’s FQDN name or NetBIOS as common name in Subject Tab and also provide same FQDN or NetBIOS name at Friendly Name in General Tab.


2. Move default web site to port 8080 on SCSM Web Portal server.


3. Install SharePoint Enterprise for Enhanced reporting. SharePoint Foundation 2010 will also work if you do not want Enterprise reporting.


4.       Now start the installation of Self Service Portal component. You have to provide port no. 443 for SharePoint Website and port no. 444 for Web Content Server (ECS).


Hope this information helps. Happy reading!

- A-Team!