A Pragmatic Hybrid Approach to Cloud Computing

The paper on Cloud Computing that is referenced in this article (Outlook: Partly Cloudy with Sunny Spells to Follow) is one of the best treatments of the subject of Public, Private and Hybrid clouds that I have ever read.

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It was written and delivered at a Cloud Computing event in the UK.

“Last week over 120 came to the UK's most important cloud computing event. Attendees were eager to find out about the realities of cloud computing and how to get the most from this latest IT focus, and key contributors Microsoft and Dot Net Solutions presented a new white paper.

With constant pressure to manage IT costs, cloud solutions offer a new way to provide cost effective IT solutions, but without having to transfer all of your technology over to the cloud in one major leap.

Matt Deacon, Chief Architectural Advisor at Microsoft, and Dan Scarfe, CEO of Dot Net Solutions, outlined a pragmatic hybrid approach to cloud  computing. They outlined how customers can combine cloud solutions with their existing applications and infrastructure, to achieve IT cost savings, flexibility and the ability to bring new ideas to market rapidly and effectively.”

IM[NS]HO Everyone should read it.

Bill Zack

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