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IT Architect Resources: Editor's Choice

Claims-Based Architectures This chapter, from "A Guide to Claims-Based Identity and Access Control", shows you how to evaluate UX, performance implications, and other aspects of claims-based architectures.

Architectural Validation inside Visual Studio 2010 (webcast) New tools come together to help understand existing code bases, maintaining the proper control and visibility of software systems.

[SEI] Reviewing Architecture Documentation This paper is intended to assist stakeholders in reviewing architecture documentation for gaps and weaknesses.

[infoQ] Managing Legacy Systems In this on demand session, Amit Uttam and Derek Longmuir discuss typical vs phased approaches.

Top 25 Most Dangerous Coding Errors A new study describes the top 25 programming errors that can open up security holes in software.

[ESJ] 7 Deadly Sins of DB Design How to avoid the worst problems.

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