Gartner RIA Report: Microsoft rates Strong Positive


Need help justifying Silverlight for your developing mission-critical RIA Applications?  

Check-out the latest Gartner report – released December 31, 2009 under the title “MarketScope for Ajax Technologies and Rich Internet Application Platforms” by analysts Ray Valdes, Eric Knipp, David Mitchell Smith, Gene Phifer and Mark Driver – that delivers valuable information about the Rich Internet Application (RIA) market segment. 

MarketScope for Ajax Technologies and Rich Internet Application Platforms:

Gartner defines the Ajax/RIA market as "a set of technology offerings oriented to meeting the needs of application development teams to build systems that deliver a rich and responsive user experience."

In this edition of the RIA MarketScope, Gartner rated Microsoft as “Strong Positive”.

During Microsoft’s Professional Developer Conference in November, Microsoft announced the availability of Silverlight 4 beta. Silverlight 4 beta offers several expanded features, including:

Enabling business application development. Silverlight 4 affirms its position as the natural choice for building business applications on the Web offering comprehensive printing support, a full set of controls with more than 60 customizable, skinnable components, and Localization enhancements with bidirectional text, right-to-left support and complex scripts such as Arabic, Hebrew and Thai and 30 new languages. Silverlight 4 also includes extensive tooling support for Silverlight, new in Visual Studio 2010.

Empowering richer experiences. Silverlight 4 introduces additional capabilities that enable developers to create richer, more appealing, high-performance interactive and innovative media experiences. These include enhanced animation capabilities, web and microphone support and right-click and mouse wheel scrolling enable developers to add conventional desktop interaction models. Silverlight 4 runs across all platforms and major browsers, and applications start quicker and run 200% faster than the equivalent Silverlight 3 applications with performance optimizations.

Moving beyond the browser. Silverlight 4 extends out-of-browser capabilities pioneered in Silverlight 3 that enable a Web presence to establish closer, more persistent relationships with customers without any additional runtime download or the need to write applications in a different way.
With the availability of Silverlight 4 beta coming months after the launch of Silverlight 3, Microsoft remains committed to Silverlight’s aggressive development cycle and to deliver the best quality product possible for developers, businesses and consumers with Silverlight 4.

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