High-Quality Touchscreens for your Windows 7 Multitouch Applications

Windows 7 provides native APIs for developers to create multitouch applications. However, selecting right devices, e.g., integrated PCs and notebooks, screens, panels or monitors, that support multitouch capabilities has not been an easy task for developers or project teams.

On the one hand, there are only a few Windows 7 certified multitouch devices available in the market today, though we’ve seen more and more multitouch capable devices are being introduced. You can find a list of Multi-Touch Computers and Monitors at Wikipeida. This list is a bit dated, since it does not include brands such as Dell’s SX2210T 21.5"W Multi-Touch Monitor with Webcam and Tyco Electronics’s 2420L 24-inch Desktop/Wall-Mount Touchmonitor.

On the other hand, most of the multitouch devices support only two touches. If you are building a highly touch sensitive solutions, you may be looking for high quality devices at affordable prices. This is where you may have hit the roadblock. Fortunately, 3M has recently released a MicroTouch™ M2256PW 22" LCD Touch Display that may fill the void for the time being. (Please let us know if we missed any models that you’d recommend to our readers).

Below are some of the product features of the 3M touchscreen:

  • 22-inch, 20 finger multitouch, high definition displayTouch Point
  • Speed: < 6ms for 20-point multi-touch response
  • Touch Communication: Dual, USB and RS232 (Serial)
  • Operating System Support: Windows XP/Vista/7, Linux
  • Microsoft certifications: Windows 7 AQ

You can find more product detail info at 3M’s web site and watch some demos there.


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