IE8 Web Slice Analytics


Now that you’ve developed and deployed that cool new IE8 Web slice – how do you measure the incremental traffic and visitors that the add-on helps to drive?  The only way to track installs on your site is via a control that your developer places on the page (like a clickable image or button, where they call AddToFavoritesBar to install the web slice). And because of this, the best way to understand your current audience size is to leverage your web analytics engine.

In this blog post by Jon Box, he applies sound web analytics and best practices to help you track useful statistics such as:

  • Total Subscribers - tracking the traffic on the update page for how many clients are polling your update source (FeedURL). 
  • Total People Viewers - track the traffic on your display page (assuming Alternate Display).

Your web slice is really just another web page, so use your existing skillsets and analytics engine to find out what is the size of your existing web slice audience and start tracking the trends.

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