Java, .NET, and PHP Interoperability with Apache Project Stonehenge on Connected Show #34

31947_Brown_medium_thumb[3] BenDewey_thumb[2] connectedShow_HalfSize_thumb[1]Peter Laudati & Dmitry Lyalin host the edu-taining Connected Show developer podcast on cloud computing and interoperability. Check out episode #34, “Apache Stonehenge M2”. In this episode, guests Ben Dewey & Kent Brown join Peter to discuss the latest release of the Apache Stonehenge project. Ben & Kent talk about the .NET, Java, and PHP interoperability project and how it now handles identity.

Also, Dmitry & Peter rap about Web Farms, Ribbons & Bows, Windows Phone 7, and Visual Studio Productivity Power Tools. They also take us on another trip to Dmitry’s SoapBox!


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