MIX10 Silverlight Customer Showcase Video


Ever wonder how customers large and small are using Silverlight to power their next-generation cutting-edge RIA applications?

Check-out this blog post by Joe Cleaver where he summarizes the Customer showcase video at the annual MIX event in Las Vegas.

The video shows screenshots of some very compelling Silverlight applications created recently by this distinguished list of customers: 

  • Bank of America/Merill Lynch
  • MDI Healthcare
  • National Instruments
  • PPG
  • Sunguard
  • Espectador.com
  • Billboardlive.com
  • Indiatimes.com
  • McDonald's
  • Red bull
  • USA Today
  • Winchester Ballistics
  • LA Fitness
  • Catalog Enterprises
  • Ultimate Fighting Championship Gym


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