PDC09 - Parallel Push Takes Another Step Forward

image Darryl K. Taft, covering the Microsoft PDC for eWeek, interviews S. “Soma” Somasegar, senior vice president of Microsoft Developer Division about the advancements in support for parallel programming in the .NET Framework, something Soma calls data parallelism…

“We are grappling with something called data parallelism,” Somasegar said. “We think parallel programming is great, a lot of programming today deals with data. The more we can think about what data parallelism looks like, the more we think we can execute effectively on that. So one of the things we have in the parallel programming world and partnering with the C++ guys is looking at whether there are extensions that we should do that enable data parallelism.”

To read more of what Soma had to say about the new parallel programming features in .NET, check out Darryl’s article at eWeek.

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