Public Clouds: Clear or Murky

This week I had the privilege of attending the Cloud Computing Expo in New York at the Jacob Javits Center. I was very impressed with how the attendance and interest had increased from last years' event. There were scores of vendors there hawking everything from Public and Private Cloud offerings to management tools and services to in fact anything that could remotely be branded (or rebranded) "Cloud". It reminded me of the early days of SOA when every vendor was rushing to rebrand whatever they had as "SOA".

But I do sympathize with the attendees who were there to learn and understand what the Cloud is all about and how they can leverage the new paradigm of cloud computing in their businesses. Many of the keynotes were thinly disguised (and in some case totally undisguised) sales pitches for one vendor’s product or another. Some of the breakout session were less sales pitchey but there too many of them were. You can read more here.

Bill Zack

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