Ribbit for Silverlight Released


Ribbit for Silverlight gives Silverlight developers an easy way to leverage the powerful Ribbit Voice 2.0 platform and create rich, communications-enabled online experiences.

Ribbit for Silverlight is a suite of Silverlight controls that allows Silverlight developers to easily leverage the Ribbit Platform. With Ribbit for Silverlight developers can create a whole new class of Voice 2.0 applications, and augment existing applications with the added dimension of voice capability.

With Ribbit, Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) can complement the Web user experience and social networking features they provide with voice and telephony interaction, bringing an even richer experience to end users.

What can you do with Ribbit for Silverlight?

  • Calling. Users can easily place and end phone calls through your application with Ribbit for Silverlight. Developers have the option of using controls that provide a simple Call button, a full phone dialpad, or a deluxe call manager.
  • Conferencing. A Ribbit-enabled Silverlight application can create conference calls that connect up to 30 people worldwide. Users can initiate conference calls by interacting with the controls; applications can initiate conference calls in code.
  • Send SMS Messages. Users can easily enter and send SMS messages to one or more recipient phone numbers with the SMS control.
  • Manage Calls. With the Active Call control, users can place and manage multiple calls and conference calls in your Silverlight application. For conference calls, mute, hold, and transfer features are available.
  • Review Messages and Call Activity. Users can review their call activity and messages using the Message Log control. Messages with audio content can be played, and text messages and transcriptions of audio can be read. Messages can also be organized in folders and deleted.
  • Manage Profile. Users can manage their Ribbit devices, request Ribbit Purpose Numbers, and change their passwords using the Account Configuration control.

With Ribbit, voice, messaging, and rich communications become programmable features that can be easily added to any Web page, application, or online community. Free from traditional handsets and telecommunications networks, voice and rich communications can now be used across multiple devices, anywhere in the world. To learn more or to sign up for a developer account, visit developer.ribbit.com

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