SQL Azure adds new and improved features


One of the most requested features of SQL Azure has been the ability to move up and down between a Web or Business edition database. The latest SQL Azure Service Update now provides you greater flexibility.

If you approach the upper limits of the Web edition database, you can easily upgrade with a single command. You can also downgrade if your database is below the allowed size limit.

You can now do this using the following syntax:

ALTER DATABASE database_name


    MODIFY (MAXSIZE = {1 | 10} GB)


In addition, new Dynamic Management Views (DMVs) return state information that can be used to monitor the health of a database, diagnose problems, and tune performance. These views are similar to the ones that already exist in the on-premises edition of SQL Server.

For more details on this and other new features such as Idle Session timeout improvements and improved support for long running transactions see this post on the SQL Azure Team Blog.

Bill Zack

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