The Architecture Journal, Issue 23 - March 2010



Keeping Architectures Relevant: Using Domain-Driven Design and Emergent Architecture to Manage Complexity and Enable Change Sound advice on how to keep architecture relevant, and not forgotten, after a solution's implementation.

Multiple-Context Systems: A New Frontier in Architecture Identification and illustration of the implications and trade-offs of adaptable solutions for different deployment contexts.

Evaluating Application Architecture, Quantitatively An explanation of ways to confirm that a given approach meets specific criteria before going to the next level.

UML or DSL: Which Bear Is Best? An exploration of the pros and cons of both UML and DSLs showing that they can eventually be combined.

Software Architecture in the Agile Life Cycle A set of techniques and practices for leveraging the agile approach to software architecture.

Modeling in an Agile Context An illustration of how to help the architecture emerge as a consequence of an agile process, instead of a big design up front.

Driving Efficiency and Innovation by Consistently Managing Complexity and Change A detailed description of the four pillars of holistic enterprise architecture that will help ensure success.

Videos Don't forget to review the 10-minute videos that we've made as companion material.

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