What’s New in Windows Phone 7 Series

Ashlee Vance writes on New York Times that “Windows Phone has a cleaner look than most of today’s smartphone software, with just a handful of large, colorful icons atop a black background.” So what are the new features in Windows Phone 7 Series that really stand out? Below is my short list.


Live Tiles

Windows Phone 7 Series decorate the home screen with “Live Tiles” or super icons. With four-point multitouch support, the simple yet live user interface provides users easy access to the latest information from the device, be it phone calls, contacts and friends, calendar appointments, photos, songs and videos, or XBOX Live feeds. To date, this unique feature is not available on other mobile devices.


Windows Phone 7 Series introduce six “hubs,” -- people, pictures, games, music and video, an application marketplace, and one that integrates with Microsoft Office mobile applications and email. Each hub is like a container holding specific content and data from across the device. For example, a music and video hub, may contain songs stored on the device as well as songs downloaded from your Zune account.

Support for Office

Windows Phone 7 Series support Microsoft Office mobile applications including email, a feature that both enterprise users and consumers have enjoyed on their Microsoft smartphone devices.

Application Development

Windows Phone 7 Series will provide developers with a new mobile platform to support innovative and user friendly consumer and business-oriented solutions. Microsoft will unveil more detail on development capabilities of Windows Phone 7 Series at MIX10 in March. For more information visit the MIX10 web site.

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