Windows 7 For Enterprise Customers


I met with several customers recently while attending ILTA09, a professional services conference in Washington DC, and was asked if there were any convincing reasons why they should go with Windows 7.

This is an important question that many enterprise customers will ask Microsoft and themselves before putting Windows 7 into their budget. In response, I started with top three items on my short list -- an improved security feature called “BitLocker” and “BitLocker To Go”, a new generation VPN solution called “DirectAccess” and an innovative desktop user experience called “Federated Search”.

These features, along with many other new and improved enterprise specific features, are available in Windows 7 Enterprise edition (for Microsoft Software Assurance customers) and Windows 7 Ultimate. (They are not available in Windows 7 Professional or Home editions.

A detailed Windows 7 features and editions chart can be found here.)

To find out what these Windows 7 enterprise features are and how they work and see what Microsoft customers have to share from their early adoption experiences, you can visit the Windows 7 Enterprise web site here.

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