Windows Phone 7 Content From MIX10 – Part III

Below is a listing of all the MIX10 session videos arranged into the three categories below:

  • Windows Phone – General Design and Development (Part I)
  • Windows Phone and Silverlight (Part II)
  • Windows Phone and XNA (Part III)

All told, there’s more than 18 hours’ worth of session video on Windows Phone covering the platform, the marketplace, Silverlight, and XNA Game Studio.

Windows Phone and XNA Game Studio




CL19: Development and Debugging Tools for Windows Phone 7 Series Cullen Waters of the Advanced Technology Group, who works on the Xbox 360.

This session covers tools available to the developer for building XNA games including debugging, emulation, and performance. Special emphasis is placed on best practices for managed code performance and .NET profiling tools you can use to optimize your games for windows phone.



CL21: Developing Games for Windows Phone 7 with XNA Game Studio 4.0 Michael Klucher, Lead Program Manager

With the release of Windows Phone, game developers will be able to create amazing content rapidly through the power of Silverlight and the XNA framework. This talk will outline the basic application model of Windows Phone, enumerate Windows Phone core device characteristics, and walk through highlights of Silverlight and XNA Frameworks on the phone.



CL22: High Performance 3D Games on Windows Phone 7 Series Shawn Hargreaves , Software Development Engineer, XNA Team

This session will detail how to use XNA to develop 3D games for Windows Phone, with a special eye towards the special characteristics of Windows Phone application platform. Special attention will be placed on optimizing high-performance managed code games for the platform, to help you squeeze out every last drop of performance.



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