Windows Phone 7 Series Announcement


Today at Mobile World Congress, Steve Ballmer announced the latest version of the Microsoft mobile platform, Windows Phone 7 Series.  It’s goal is to deliver a game changing and compelling user experience that users will love.  Key focus areas for Windows Phone 7 Series include:

  • World class Touch Experience – Rich gestures, responsive, intuitive, capacitive touch
  • Distinctive Visuals - Distinctive “Metro” UI with hardware accelerated graphics and animations
  • World Class Browsing - High fidelity with desktop browser, pinch, pan double-tap, multi-touch, actionable address and phone number support
  • Zune Marketplace Integration:
    • Music – Zune touch experience, download via cell/ Wi-Fi, synchronize library with PC.
      • Photos – Integrated with Live Gallery, Synchronize with PC.
      • Games – XNA Gaming platform and integrated with PC and XBOX Live gaming.
      • Search - Single button press for search of device and web, location aware, voice, GPS, traffic, navigation integration.
    • Tight Integration between Exchange and SharePoint.
    • Office Mobile support and One Note over the air synchronization.
    • Rich Development Environment – more details at MIX10.

The availability and release schedule for Windows Phone 7 Series devices will be forthcoming over the next few months. 

Developers who are interested in creating applications for Windows Phone 7, are strongly encouraged to attend the MIX10 conference on 3/15. 

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