DeforestACTION Webinar - June 6th 2012

The DeforestACTION team will be hosting andeforestaction online event on June 6, 2012. Both new and returning participants alike are invited to participate in an exciting in-depth discussion on deforestation and global warming, lead by Professor Danny Harvey, PhD. Danny Harvey is both a graduate and professor at the University of Toronto specializing in global warming, the environment, and climate change.

Join the team for this exciting discussion and show-case the exciting DeforestACTION projects your class has been working on and come see what other young people from all over the world are doing! Also find out where the Ecowarriors are now and what new developments are unfolding on the ground in Borneo as they wrap up their 100-day mission. Learn about the ways in which deforestation is occurring in your own community, country and continent and be inspired to find ways to combat this global environmental issue!

It’s never to late to join this fantastic global collaborative project and get your class involved in global problem and help them make a real difference.

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For more information on Professor Harvey's publications and research:

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This webinar will have two sessions:

Session 1: Wednesday, June 6th - Best for Asia Pacific Region
- GMT/UTC 01:00
- Jakarta - 08:00
- Hong Kong - 09:00
- Sydney - 11:00
- Aukland - 13:00

Session 2: Wednesday, June 6th - Best for Americas
- GMT/UTC 16:00
- Jakarta - 23:00
- Calgary - 10:00
- New York - 12:00
- Sao Paolo - 13:00