New Channel 8 Sidebar Gadget

clip_image002Check it out – there is a cool new gadget with content from Channel 8, downloadable for your Vista machine.  It flips through the latest content on channel8.  When you click on an item that grabs your interest, you will get more information as well as have a pointer to the page for additional details.  The pop-out might include images, videos, more content from a blog post, etc.

If you’re not familiar with, it’s Microsoft’s community website for students.  It has blog posts about new technology, videos, information on software programs like DreamSpark, and news about student-related events like the Imagine Cup.  The content is quite varied and might go anywhere from new programming languages, updating Zune software, videos about using Live Mesh, interviews with developers, what’s going on with Microsoft Research, building a custom PC and more – there’s something there for all interests.

To get the Channel 8 gadget, you can install from the Windows Live Gallery here:  And of course, it’s free.

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