Unattend/Silent install of Smooth Streaming module available from IIS Media Services 3.0

IIS Media Services 3.0 has been released and is now available as a free download for Windows 2008 and Windows 2008 R2. IIS Media Services offers the highest quality streaming media experience available on the Web and provides an integrated HTTP-based media delivery platform. The features included in this release are:

· Smooth Streaming, adaptive streaming of media over HTTP

· Live Smooth Streaming, for live adaptive streaming of broadcast events

· Bit Rate Throttling, meters the speed that media is delivered to a player

· Web Playlists, secure sequencing of media content

· Advanced Logging, with real-time client- and server-side logging

· Application Request Routing (ARR), providing HTTP proxying and caching

You can download all of the IIS media server platform components using the Web Platform Installer button on the IIS Media page OR get the MSI package from 32Bit version / 64Bit version

I come across a requirement where one wants to automate the installation of ONLY one module (for e.g. Smooth Streaming) out of the complete IIS Media Services 3.0 package and to a customized install location (for e.g. E:\Applications\IIS Media). I did some research and here’s how we can achieve this using the Microsoft Windows Installer Tool (Msiexec.exe):

Run the command prompt as Administrator and type following command from the location where you have your MSI file located.

msiexec /i iismedia64.msi /qn /passive ADDLOCAL=feature_MediaSmooth,feature_MediaSmoothAdminUI INSTALLLOCATION="E:\Applications\IIS\Media"


/i PackageName|ProductCode Installs or configures a product

/q n|b|r|f Sets the UI level.

/passive The installer displays a progress bar

INSTALLLOCATION Location where package needs to be installed

ADDLOCAL (and REMOVE) This pair of properties controls which software components are to be installed. ADDLOCAL=ALL Installs all components available in the package.

Please refer this link for more info on command line options/switches for msiexec utility.

Similarly, we ca n use

feature_MediaPack - for the whole thing,

feature_MediaLiveStreaming - for Live Smooth Streaming while feature_MediaLiveStreamingAdminUI for Live Smooth Streaming as well as IIS manager Admin UI for component if not already installed from previous command

feature_MediaPlaylists - for Web Playlist (Corresponding Admin UI feature: feature_MediaPlaylistAdminUI)

feature_MediaBitrate - for Bitrate Throttling (Corresponding Admin UI feature: feature_MediaBitrateAdminUI)


Hope this helps!!