MSPA Newsletter, January 2009 Issue

In the January 2009 issue of the MSPA Newsletter, read about:

  • Performance Challenges for a Social Networking Application.   A partner who is developing a social networking application on MOSS 2007 to serve hundreds of thousands of customers around the globe came to us for guidance and assistance to improve their application performance.  Learn about the challenges the customer faced and how the ISV team engaged to improve application performance.
  • PDC Highlights.   The PDC has passed, but you still have access to much of the content presented at PDC online and in person too!  You have an opportunity to see live the “best of the PDC” at scheduled events at certain locations throughout the US – read more for details on registration information, dates and locations.
  • Learn More – Briefings and Workshops.   We offer briefings and workshop deliveries on the latest technologies and products to our MSPA customers.  In this  month’s newsletter, we highlight a few of these services that you can take advantage of today: Developing Claims-Based Identity Systems, ASP.NET 3.5, Silverlight 2.0 and Developing Workflow Solutions for SharePoint.   Additionally, we are currently developing a readiness program for our ISV customer around Azure… this opportunity will enable you to learn Azure, adopt it early and lead the industry! 
  • Realize Savings with Microsoft Products and Solutions.   We can all agree that the economy is at the forefront of many of our minds today; clearly, realizing savings is a leading factor in most business decisions.  Microsoft products and solutions  can be a key driver in helping your organization realize savings -- learn how.
  • Windows 7.   The beta is here!  Read about how to get the bits now and learn about the new features you can expect with our next release of Windows.
  • Virtualization.   Virtualization is a key technology in today’s world; as you deploy solutions that use virtualization, you should understand how your solution falls within Microsoft’s support policy for virtualization. 
  • Internet Explorer 8.   If you are a vendor for a web application, you probably already know that IE (Internet Explorer) 8 is coming down the pipeline – once it releases, it will be distributed to end-users via Automatic Updates and the Windows Update and Microsoft Update sites.  Learn about the IE 8 Blocker Toolkit in the event you and/or your customers need to manage IE 8 deployments.
  • Upcoming Events.   Read about upcoming tech talks especially for our MSPA customers and open enrollment workshops throughout the US.

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