Free webinars: Azure Active Directory Premium Customer Training

Join throughout November and learn how to get up and running on Azure AD Premium quickly and easily!

Here are the webinar topics for November;

  • Azure AD Premium Prerequisites - Are you confused about the pre-work to get Azure AD deployed? Learn how to incorporate this work into your planning and scheduling process.

  • Azure AD Premium SaaS Application Integration - If you have questions on what SaaS Application Integration is or the different types of SaaS Application Integration, this is the session for you. You will get a live demo and learn how Application Integration can help you. You will leave with an understanding of how Azure AD can help you manage your identities centrally across different SaaS platforms and control access to those applications.

  • Azure AD Premium Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) - In this session, you will find out what MFA is and why it's important for security. You will leave with an understanding of how it works by watching a live demo on how to enable MFA/Usability.

  • Azure AD Premium Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) - This session covers SSPR and why it is important. You will learn how to implement SSPR and will see a live demo of the functionality. You'll leave with an understanding of certain scenarios that customer use SSPR for and how to implement it in your on-premises and AAD environment.

  • Azure AD Premium Reporting - In this session, you will learn about operational reports and security reports. You'll leave with an understanding of what goes into each report, how to access them and how to leverage Reporting to improve security and auditing.

  • Azure AD Premium Quick Wins - Need more information on: Azure AD App Proxy, Cloud App Discovery, License Management, Shared Accounts or Delegated Application Access? In this session, will learn about these and how to implement them.


Each session has a variety of times available for you to choose the one that suits your schedule or time zone. View the full calendar of webinars and register here.