Security Track at the heroes happen 2008 roadshow

We have the Heroes Happen 2008 roadshow touring around the country soon. The roadshow will have technical training on Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008. In addition to this we will also have a dedicated track for Security Professionals. The sessions for the Security track are:

  • Building a Secure Base Platform for your business with Windows Server 2008
  • Threat mitigation: being at the Forefront
  • Building a managed platform with Microsoft System Center
  • Bringing down the house of cards: enforcing secure applications on a secure infrastructure
  • Data protection: enabling the enterprise mobility vision with Rights management

Also available for download is the Windows Server 2008 Security Guide

How Does the Windows Server 2008 Security Guide Help Secure Your Business? Based on extensive, real-world experience from customers, government agencies, and Microsoft security experts, the Windows Server 2008 Security Guide describes how to structure your environment correctly and prescribes security settings that are appropriate for most enterprise environments. The guide also prescribes more restrictive settings that are appropriate for more "locked down" environments, where concern for security is so great that a significant loss of functionality is acceptable.

Both security setting configurations have been thoroughly tested in Microsoft labs, and validated by customers and partners under real-world conditions. You also can easily tailor the configuration you choose by modifying any of the security settings to accommodate the unique needs of your organization.

Deploy Your Security Baseline Quickly and Reliably The powerful GPOAccelerator tool is included with the guidance to enable you to automatically deploy a tested configuration of Group Policy security settings across your organization — in minutes, instead of hours or days.

The tool creates all of the Group Policy objects (GPOs) you need to deploy the security configuration you choose. The tool also eliminates many manual steps in the deployment process to give you faster and more reliable results.

With more than 200 security and privacy setting options, you can fine-tune your deployment of Windows Server 2008, balancing your organization’s needs for security and functionality.

Harden Your Server Workloads This security guide also includes detailed guidance on how to harden Windows Server 2008 to handle different server "workloads" in your organization, including servers that perform as domain controllers, and others that provide DNS, DHCP, Web, File, and Print services. The tested guidance describes how to harden key services like Active Directory® Certificate Services (AD CS), Network Access Services, and Terminal Services.

Security Setting Recommendations
The security guide includes a comprehensive technical reference that explains what each prescribed security setting in the Windows Server 2008 Security Guide does, provides recommended configurations, and identifies the threats that each setting mitigates. A Security Settings Workbook included with the guide also lists all of the prescribed settings for each of the preconfigured security baselines that the guide prescribes.