Registering Your WP7 as a Developer Device

Update: Shortly after I posted this article, Peter Henry noted that he had a very similar article out already. Here is the link to it – it has good additional information – check it out:

So you got your Windows Phone 7 device, you downloaded the free development tools and now you are itching to write your first “Hello World” app for WP7. You fire up VS 2010, create a quick phone app, connect your WP7 device to your development PC, select “Windows Phone 7 Device” as a target and attempt running your first app on your phone.

You will get the following message…


You have to make sure your device is ”developer unlocked” before you can deploy applications to it. Here’s how you unlock your device:

  1. Connect your device to your PC through USB.
  2. Start the Zune desktop software.
  3. Start the “Windows Phone Developer Registration” software.


  1. At this point, provided you have a developer account (which you get on you can register your device. Once registered you’ll be able to use it for development purposes.



Easy! (not necessarily straightforward though :) )