TestApi v0.5 Released!

I am happy to announce that we have just released version 0.5 of TestApi – the testing API library – on Codeplex. Version 0.5 contains a number of important additions and modifications:

  • We made significant updates to our documentation, revising practically all conceptual and MSDN-style API documents, to make the library easier to use. I have also been updating my blog posts on the library because some of the content there has gotten somewhat stale. Big thanks to Christine Warren – our technical documentation editor.
  • Vincent Sibal created a new Theme Configuration API allowing you to easily switch Windows OS themes.
  • Vince also revamped the Input Injection API, removing the dependency on WPF, and adding new acceptance tests.
  • Tim Cowley added sub-image search support to the Visual Verification API, based on a request by NLord. 
  • Dennis Deng extended the Text String Generation API with the ability to generate strings from multiple Unicode ranges. He also added additional acceptance tests.
  • Nathan Anderson and Eugene Zakhareyev revamped the Combinatorial Variation Generation API, converting constraints to a LINQ-based syntax, adding support for generics, adding support for equivalence classes, adding weights and tags and enabling declarative models.
  • Bill Liu enabled the Fault Injection API for .NET 4 binaries.
  • Dan Marley made various fixes and test additions to the Command-line Parsing API.
  • We also switched to using xUnit 1.5, which is included in the TestApi 0.5 package.

Last but not least, a big thank you to Alexis Roosa (the PM of the effort) and Peter Antal (who together with Dan Marley did a bunch of design reviews).


Let us know what you think!  And vote for features!