WPF Application Quality Guide v.0.2 Released!

Today we are releasing the second preliminary version of the "WPF Application Quality Guide", targeted at WPF application and component developers and QA professionals. Check out the document here or download the DOC version here.

This second revision of the document has a lot of new content, so be sure to check it out.  We have expanded our section on UI element discovery and have added new sections on general principles of WPF, general principles of software testing, visual verification testing, media testing, animation and transition testing, performance and scalability testing, security testing, data binding and interop. We have also added a section on tools that you can use to develop, debug and test WPF applications and components.

Let us know what you think about the content and the organization of the document. Can you easily find what you are looking for? Are there other topics that you'd like us to include in future revisions? We are looking forward to your feedback, which you can send to wpftbest@microsoft.com or directly to me.