Is that Brad Pitt on

Check out and see if you recognize that handsome guy representing the Small Business Specialists ;-) The videos on the right hand side are pretty darn funny. Pure Improve! It was a pleasure working with these skilled actors in these skits. Apparently my videos are coming soon, or on the cutting room floor L


Microsoft recently launched a brand awareness campaign for the Microsoft Small Business Specialist Program. This is a U.S. wide campaign containing multiple different elements: Online videos, web banners & web buttons on small business websites, press releases, the website, online news agencies, and more. The campaign is called the, "We've Gotta Guy," campaign and the premise behind it is simple. How many times have you been talking with a prospective client and been told, "We've Gotta Guy?" It could be their brother-in-law, a friend, a colleague's nephew from college, whatever. Whoever "the guy" is, they are betting their critical business systems on them and putting their businesses at risk. So we are reaching out to small businesses through a variety of ways to convey the message that there is professional assistance available to them in their local areas to help with their critical business systems and they are the Microsoft Small Business Specialists. The call to action, look for the Microsoft Small Business Specialist "badge."