The only constant is change

The Microsoft Trinity team, which is responsible for the VSTO and VSTA products, is transferring the MAF charter to the CLR team on 2/13/2006. As part of this charter transfer, I will also be moving over to the CLR team. I will retain my Architect title and my primary responsibility will be in aiding ISV adoption of .Net.

There are several exciting items to note as part of this transition.

  1. The CLR's embracing of MAF, speaks volumes to the importance of meeting our customers need for providing a managed framework for enabling version resilient, isolatable dynamic components.
  2. Following through on our commitment to delivering the System.AddIn* assemblies.
  3. Focusing my efforts in making ISV's lives easier, is further validation of Microsoft's support of ISV's, Hosts, and solution providers.

I will miss the Trinity team, but I will be working closely with the VSTA team, as the VSTA product offers a set of compelling ISV solutions. I was the Development Manager (DM) that saw this product through from inception. The first publicly available CTP for VSTA version v1.0 (or is that 2.0 since it's built on Whidbey, err CLR v2.0 ;-) is now available. More on this release in my next post.

I also wanted to let you know, that TQ will remain in Trinity and he will still be a key MAF contributor. TQ deserves mad props for his vision and implementations of MAF. Ok, I'm a little old to be using a phrase like that. I picked that up from a much younger colleague, John Shepard, who is the Dev Lead for VSTA and someone else that deserves mad prop's for all his teams tremendous contributions to MAF. The VSTA v1.0 product is an amazing set of ISV offerings. This was one of the scrappiest, most dedicated, sharpest group of developers I have had the pleasure of working with. Projects like MAF and VSTA are the reason I chose this profession and the opportunity to work on these projects are why I chose Microsoft.

I will be posting more on ISV's and MAF, but in the mean time please feel free to send me your needs, pain points, etc..