Another SharePoint Blog is born!

Good Morning World!

My name is Jackie Bodine, and I'm a consultant at Microsoft.  I've been working with SharePoint since 2002 when I was a program manager intern with Windows SharePoint Services. After I graduated from Cornell, I joined the WSS program manager team full time.

As a program manager, I was responsible for a lot of the fun new collaboration features such as Wikis and Blogs, and also for some important infrastructure pieces such as Navigation (how to get around and between sites), and the Alerts infrastructure that sends out emails when something on the site changes.  Finally, I also was able to help out a lot with the new visual User Interface, making decisions around how to best use screen real estate, improve usability, and ensure a professional level of consistency.

Those features areas gave me a lot of opportunity to work with all of the teams that make up the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server family, and last March I was fortunate enought to present on the Web Content Management capabilities of MOSS at Mix06.

In April I decided to move back to New York, but I just couldn't bear to leave SharePoint, so I stayed with Microsoft and moved to the consulting side.  Now I get to visit customers and help them experience the joys of SharePoint!  I've tackled lots of interesting requirements, and learned a lot of useful techniques for getting the most out of SharePoint.

In this blog, I'll share the tips, tricks, and techniques that I've learned along the way.

Here are some of the topics I'd like to cover:

  • Writing a Site Definition for a B2TR Publishing Site with custom page layouts, master pages, xslt, etc.
  • Provision Styles for CBQ
  • Reusing Blog Functionality and customizing
  • Reusing Wiki Functionality and customizing
  • Building a master page
  • Customizing alerts
  • Customizing navigation
  • Displaying Flyouts
  • Using ViewStyles
  • Group By Views
  • Lookup (Count Related)
  • Putting the Blog on a parent site
  • SPJobDefinition
  • Control Templates

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