XAPAthons at Teched Europe 2010

On my way to TechEd Europe today, and just found out there is a room available to host a Windows Phone XAPathon..
There was also room for T-shirts for first 12 XAPathon RSVPs.   If you are at the event. Below is the likely places you will find me..


What is a XAPathon? A casual short ( less than an hour unless schedule allows for more) meeting with a so-named Windows Phone expert (in this case me and/or Oren Nachman, a perf expert).
You can do anything you want with the time:

  • We will have phones, some tools, and eagerness to help you with your app.
  • You can join us for an hour and ask questions, chat, or just borrow a phone and see how your app performs on it.
  • If you are an expert and have already coded an app, you can still join and shoot a brief 15 minute video about your app and your experiences hacking on WIndows phone.  I can then put it as part of my “Windows

How do I sign-up for a XAPathon ?
Email me via the link on this blog post.. or contact me via twitter @jaimerodriguez  or Just stop by at the Passau 4 room  (yes, you have to be a registered attendee, sorry).

Break out sessions

Monday: 09:00 Windows Phone Pre-Conference
  ( a ~5 hour dive into building WIndows Phone apps..
Taught by yours truly.  
Still working on the timings for the session but slides and decks are done. It will flow like this:

  1. Intro to phone (goals, design, hardware audience)   - Intro
  2. Phone UX – pragmatic
  1. Metro – intro
  2. Interactions – pragmatic
  3. Includes deepdive into phone controls – pragmatic
  • Integrating w/ hardware – pragmatic
  1. Accelerometer, location, mic,  etc.
  2. Keyboard,
  3. Touch
  4. Choosers and launchers
  • Navigation – deepdive
  • tomb stoning – deepdive
  • Push notification – deepdive
  • Lessons learned from a few apps – deepdive
  1. Data
  2. Perf
  3. Other ..

[intro == 15 mins or less, and it is 200 level] ,
[pragmatic == 200 to 300 level intro+good practices]
[deep dive == all you will ever have to know about it]


10:30 WPH101 - Changing our Game : Windows Phone 7 and the Windows Phone 7 Application Platform
12:00 WPH202 - User Experience Best Practices for Building Applications on Windows Phone 7
16:30 WPH305 - Understanding the Windows Phone 7 Development Tools


9:00 WPH306 - Silverlight for Windows Phone 7
12:00 WPH307 - Building Windows Phone Games with Microsoft XNA and Visual Studio 2010
16:00 WPH309 - Developing Windows Phone 7 Web Applications with WebMatrix


09:00 WPH310 - Giving your Windows Phone XNA Games Plenty of Whizz and Bang
12:00 -WPH311 - Microsoft Silverlight Performance on Windows Phone
16:30 -WPH214 - Understanding Marketplace and Making Money with Windows Phone 7 Applications
18:00 WPH315 - Developing for Windows Phone 7 - End to End

Friday: 09:00 WPH316 - Building Offline Experiences for Windows Phones and Other Devices using Sync Framework
10:30 WPH117-IS - Come and Meet the Windows Phone 7 Team
12:30 WPH318 - Developing Code for Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7

**Silverlight Focus groups**

At TechEd Europe, the Microsoft Silverlight team will be conducting several focus groups (60-90 min) on-site November 11th, and the purpose is to solicit opinions about Rich Internet Applications (RIA) platforms. The team would love to learn more about your thought process when evaluating these technologies and about your experiences building applications with various solutions!

All focus group participants will be given a gratuity (Microsoft software) for their contribution.

To participate, please enter the URL below into your Web browser and fill out a brief form with your name, contact information, and your level familiarity with various RIA platforms, https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/GKG3RN6

Note: We will only use this information to schedule some time to talk with you while you are at the show, and will not add you to a mailing list or share your information with third parties.

Hope to c u there.. 
Happy WIndows Phone coding..