Background Problem to be fixed in RTM

Talk about last minute, but the guys over on the Shell Team managed to get the problem with setting background images working properly and push a bug fix into the RTM code - looks like I need to download and install another build!!!  Maybe I should just wait for the gold disk - anyway I digress!

The problem was that when selecting a background image from Control Panel that was not the same size as the desktop resolution some awkward scaling "issues" would be created and the net effect was not very Vista-esque - see Exhibit A on the left.

So, as Dave mentions in his blog post, the team responsible worked around the clock, probably setting fire to some kind of oil at midnight and ordering takeout chinese food etc., to make sure there was a fix in place for RTM.

He mentions the great work our beta testers do of scrutinising Vista and how the community brought it to our attention and also the embarrassment of having such a glaring problem not fixed so late in the day.

His post also gives an interesting perspective into the thorough (or painful) testing process each minor change goes through before it's allowed out the doors of Redmond.


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