Customize Live ID Sign in and Registration experience

One of the biggest bits of feedback from customers that use Live ID on their website is that the Live ID sign-in and registration experiences should be customizable so that instead of a Windows Live brand and look and feel, the user gets a look and feel consistent with your website so they aren’t confused as to why the brand has changed.

Old Sign-in Experience


New Sign-in Experience

We’ve just launched the ability to customize the sign-in experience so that you can now achieve something that looks like this:


New Sign-in Experience Customization Areas

You can customize everything in orange:


The technical documentation is here:

Old Registration Experience


New Registration Experience

You are now able to customize the registration experience in the following way:

  • Thematically, by changing the fonts, colors, and images that appear on the registration pages.
  • Contextually, by selecting a registration flow. A registration flow determines what information users must provide when creating a Windows Live ID, and how users are asked for that information.

Here is the documentation you need: