Perspective on EC vs Microsoft

I've held back from posting about the recent buzz around a statement made by the EC regarding the security features in Windows Vista.  So no ranting here - although I might want to - just a link to an article on  This article is simply a letter from a businessman in Germany which has an interesting persective.  I'm not going to comment, just read and digest it.

Long has a more cynical but quite comic take on the situation on his blog too.

David Mitchell from Ovum asks for clarity:

"There has been very little uptake of the version of Windows XP that excludes Media Player functionality. A version of Vista that removes security-related functionality has the potential to be an even greater turkey. Security is a major concern for the European market and needs to be addressed on multiple different fronts. If the EU is going to ask Microsoft to remove security-related functionality then it needs to be very precise in its request and very clear about why it is making it. It has the potential to cause a major market disruption, with no benefit whatsoever for the end-consumer. Appropriate and timely regulatory intervention may benefit the consumer, but only if that intervention reflects real consumer preferences in the market and recognises the overall market evolution that is underway."


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