Vista gets a write up, Mac gets a dressing down

Mark Wilson's gone and done a thoughtful write-up of the Vista After Hours event we did last week (was it really last week!).  Now, Mark is a Mac guy but he was pleasantly surprised with the features we showed off in Vista that got him starting to question those famous Mac ads that claim it's easier to do things in a Mac.

Take for example the one I saw at the cinema at the weekend where Mac claimed it was difficult to create a photo book on the PC.  Come on Apple - it just ain't true - and you know it!

This quote from Mark summed it up nicely for me:

"Apple’s Get a Mac campaign draws on far too many half truths that will only become apparent to users after they have made the decision to switch… and then found out that the grass is not all green on the other side"

It seems like Mike Taulty saw the same ad at the cinema too, what they guy next to him remarked was funny.

If you want to find out about how you can get the most out of Windows Vista, I'd recommend you head over to the Windows Vista "Help and How-to" website.  My gran is using the site to learn about how she can organise her photos so it must be fairly easy to understand!