Is the time for Virtualisation now?

Over the last 24 hours I have seen a number of different mails and blogs all talk about Virtualisation. I have to admit I became a bit of a convert a few years ago.  Managing a large project with 4 test rigs either in a state of being tested or rebuilt, virtualisation transformed the way we worked and significantly reduced project costs. If we take a look at Virtualisation the benefits are getting too good to ignore, and with people like Gartner putting Virtualisation at the top of the list for strategic areas for next year it is only going to get bigger.  But to be honest with the potential benefits, it is not hard to see why.


For those that want to get up to speed on Virtualisation, the Microsoft Virtualisation Portal is a good place to start, with information about our products and links to Case Studies, Partners, Resource and so forth.  One thing to remember is that Server Virtualisation is only one type, there are other types that should be looked at as they each have their own strengths.


For Local Government, costs have and always will be an issue.  Virtualisation is a very powerful tool that drive significant benefits for cost, agility and the environment.  There are a number of case studies on how different State and Local Government organisations have used Virtualisation.

The Microsoft UK Government Blog which highlighted the Slough case study has also highlighted a UK Virtualisation Event that you can attend:

You can also get more in-depth information and experience the Microsoft virtualisation solution at our Virtualisation Unplugged Seminar at the Royal Academy of Music in London on October 24th. This one-day seminar brings together Microsoft experts and customers to provide you with practical advice and guidance on how to implement server virtualisation for your Microsoft server environments using Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V and System Center to manage both physical and virtual server environments from a single console.

If you cannot attend, there is also some online training that is being organised by our Partner Academy Team.  This is a one hour Live Meeting to learn more about Virtualisation for Sustainable Computing on the 4th of November.

  • Content:   Virtualization
  • Target Microsoft Role: Technical Specialists
  • Target Partner Type Audience:   Distributor, Enterprise Software Advisor, Large Account Reseller, Managed (Field Managed Service Partner), Regional Solution Partner, System Builder, Systems Integrator
  • Target Partner Role: Architect, Developer, Implementer
  • Level:   200

Description: Power consumption by the world's data centers has doubled since 2000 and continues to grow. With virtualization IT has gained a powerful technology that can dramatically lower the datacenter impact on the environment. Microsoft is helping to deliver virtualization to customers to help reduce energy consumption while increasing the utilization of existing infrastructure.  This session will discuss impact that Microsoft virtualization solution can have on Sustainable IT and provide guidance on steps to take to make reduction of energy usage in datacenter a reality. We will discuss how IT can use virtualization to reduce the environmental impact of computing, tools that can simplify your deployment efforts. We will also talk about how IT innovation and technology can help accelerate business solutions to address broader environmental issues.



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